Comparing The SEO of Your Competitors

What is difference between data, information and knowledge?
A list of numbers and streets are data.
If we place them on a map, then we have information, we know that these are names of streets, which cross each other, how far away, etc.
I know what path to choose at 8 in the morning to avoid a traffic jam is knowledge.

When we make a SEO Dashboard (or any other discipline), we have to avoid is a list of pooled data more or less meaning and we must ensure that clear information display that allows us to turn it into knowledge to translate into action.

Sometimes a simple grouping of information (as we will do in the year to propose in this post) will be enough to turn data into information.
Sharpen the ax!
If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, devote six sharpening my ax
Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)

Anyone who knows me knows that I love what I do, I enjoy my profession … and over charged me (so I can not call it work); but, at times, especially at the stage of data collection, there are times when I’ve been bored, and that something that bothers me because it weighs heavily on everyday. In those moments is where I say Jose, have fun and sharpen the ax! (and lately, my whetstone usually GOOGLE SPREADSHEET).
The information of your competitors should be part of your SEO Dashboard

If you take time working on your business, and do not know who your competitors, I want you to do 100 pushups before continuing …
You … you’re back ?.
Now, to solve your misinformation I recommend you open SEMRush:

In the search box, enter the keyword of your most important business
Go to the bottom of the results of the report and look at the list of table “Organic Results”

If all went well, you should have a good list of competitors who can analyze.
Do not skimp on good tools to ‘sharpen your ax’, and if you can-I advise you invest in the best (and these two, it is worth to pay for the full version).

And now the fun begins, let’s play with GOOGLE SPREADSHEET Import Html function to bring offers superb data analysis tool links: Majestic SEO and grouping with those of our competitors.

Definition of SEO According to Click Depot Tampa

If we talk about SEO according to Click Depot Tampa, we talk about search engine optimization and obvious-reasons-for the vast majority of articles on seo refer only to the order in which the results of a query (especially how these early results appear) appears, it is -actually search engine rankings.
Anyway, I do not know you, but I am not able to understand a simple concept if not visualize all stages, so do not say a complex concept as search engine optimization; for this reason I will talk about the process by which a seeker seeks return the most relevant to your query.

But what we dispersed to the concrete, but not before some concepts clear (to those who do not have of course):
What is a web browser and how to find the information?

An Internet search engine is a computer system that serves the index information Database (hereafter DB) of your server (or servers) and that has previously been stored by the work of bots called spiders (or spiders) , which are only 2 programs with orders to meet:

Go through all the pages to find, jumping from link to link
Stored in the index database of the information you find

The fundamental component of any search engine is the DB

Therefore, the fundamental component of any search engine like GOOGLE is the DB, and what differentiates the different configuration is the relevance of the results returned from your database with respect to the search we do
And there are two main concepts related to the quality or relevance of search results:

We have already fixed the first concept is that the index of a search is one DB, in essence, that the database returned results we have to do a search, and that query, which we do with human language has to be transformada- to a query, why ?:

To understand the databases we ask
To retrieve the maximum number of information stored in databases

A query is a query made to a specific language, the search engine can interpret and serves to interact with the databases.

A basic structure of a query can become very complex, depending on the different predicates and connectors that serve to indicate the filters and conditions that we are met on the results returned by the DB.

And at the end of each query is where the control over the order in which these results should appear (and which-entertainment professionals buscadores- positioning each search engine has its own recipe of factors) is added.
What is the process by which a seeker seeks to return the most relevant results?

We have seen the concepts necessary to understand the sequence of transformations that our query (in human language), a query that increases the recall to the database, and maximize the relevance and quality of the results of the response of the search engine.

The process of transformation of the query would be something like this: let’s imagine that we seek the expression “The employee requests their payrolls

KOI & KFI application to SEO



How to automate the calculation of KOI and KFI and what is its use?

Definition of KOI and KFI (and KEY)
Most of the seo marketing company tools that I know, use a single indicator, the KEY (which in my opinion is the least interesting)

In the video on feasibility analysis of positioning GOOGLE I commented that it is possible to analyze the feasibility of positioning a keyword according to competition with SEO key indicators:

For a correct definition of KOI and KFI have to start explaining that they are two KPIs (key process indicators), whose value indicates the suitability of positioning a given keyword potential traffic it brings, and the number of competitors that works. Most of the SEO tools that I know, use a single indicator, the KEY (which in my opinion is the least interesting).
Another partner, Jose Tito, and did at the time a description of each of the indicators, and the definition of KEY, KOI and KFI are, and as I have just pointed more to add to the interest of this post:

Balances the potential traffic pages indexed for an expression.


Balances with potential traffic indexed pages that have the phrase in the title (rather clarifying factor which pages are optimized and are true competitors).


Balance potential traffic and indexed pages containing links to the expression (factor linkbuilding clarifies saturation of that expression).
THE KOI is calculated:

SEO Content Creation

Writing on the internet is an easy technique to learn and essential if you want your content to be seen by more people. I have several blogs and if I have learned with them is that writing online is not the same as writing in print.
Surely many of you had already come to this conclusion, especially if you are a native of the digital age, but we do not we have had to make a double effort: unlearn what you have learned to learn new, and write on the internet is one of these things for seo

If you like to write to the network, or you have a blog, or simply want to share content with others, I’ll tell you a few simple tips to help you write in the digital environment and have more readers.
Tips for writing Internet

Although often costs us, the Internet is best not to use some literary devices like metaphors or hyperbole.

Note that people come to you for doing searches through search engines, mainly GOOGLE, you will know how and if you follow this blog.
This is why people do not seek poetry, seeking information. And the best way to offer it is still very clear and concise, even being very simple in your presentation. This way you help the seeker to understand you and therefore indexarte.

If you found by people searching made ​​is likely to return to your website and recognize you as an expert in the field you’re trying.
In the same way you help your audience understand what they are reading without having to resort to a dictionary or imagine what you mean when you use irony, for example.
This does not apply when you have a technical blog, here you can use all the technicalities that you need.

It is always good to write on the same theme. For example if you have a blog about health, it makes no sense to write about cars.

You’ve heard many times that the Internet is not read, it is scanned. It is therefore essential writing calling the reader’s attention.
How can we do it? Very easy:

Write a title with “hook” something that incites the reader to read the post. Remember, though, that you should not use metaphors so common and attractive in the world of advertising. You have to find an attractive and simple yet title. The keywords must be present
Write snnipet with the same requirements when writing the title and add a sentence that call to action, like “go and check it!” Or “go and find out!” To attract people to your article
The first sentences of post are essential, including the reader decides whether to continue or abandon your article, it must make them attractive, if not call attention within seconds, your article is not read

While the post structure

Use bold, italics, numbers and points to structure your post. Divide the text into paragraphs to analyze and easy to read.
This way you well structures texts and make them more understandable. Anything that helps readers to quickly read, will benefit him and you.
Better a “conversational” style

It is best to write as you speak. It is a way to reach the most direct reader, plus it so you will connect with your audience on an emotional level more easily. To do this you must not use any slang words, evil sounding words. Nor can you make spelling errors, which would be criminal to the amount of spell checkers world.
Use short, not too gimmicky, nor excessive subordinate clauses or complex sentences. Everyone should understand what you write.
Write for the reader and to Google

You must be friendly with humans and with search engines. Whenever doubt arises, For whom do I write? For the reader? For Google?
Well, you should write for both, in my view, both are equally important. If you only write for your readers, Google will not find you, so you hardly get to the public.
Likewise if a human can not understand what you write, hardly will get a search engine.

Finally, I advise you to use keywords properly without overdoing. Put them in the headlines, the snnipet and throughout the text, at least once.

If you put these tips to write on the Internet you will see that it will be easier to reach your audience.
It’s easy, really.

A Tool For Duplicate Content For SEO Purposes


A tool for checking duplicate content SEO why local seo is essential to atlanta businesses

Duplicate content and SEO resources

GOOGLE has proposed to organize all available information as possible in the world and make it accessible (part of the DNA of the Mountain View company).

You have to spend a huge resource for storing said information; So money is SO much money; for that reason, does not like to waste such resources store information already possessed: duplicate content. And I speak not only literally doubled, but information with a very high percentage of similarity.
This can happen by:

Content copied (or very “inspired”) to other sites: for example, when someone  our content on your page
Duplicate information in the same place (different URLs that offer the same content): for example a list of products that can be ordered alphabetically or by price, or mismanagement of tags that equal categories (quite common), etc. .

Check duplicate content seo

Then I’ll show you two great and familiar tools to check duplicate content SEO.
1) Copyscape

One of the best known to detect who’s plagiarizing and “fusila” and duplicate your content, tools is Copyscape.
I recommend you implement the rel = “author” microdata and that you try to negotiate with whoever you locate plagiarize you to modify and link (“a link is a link”), and if not come to reason, complaint duplicate content in the form of WMT.

A tool that allows you to compare the degree of similarity between two contents with different URLs is SIMILAR CHECKER PAGE.
To keep the URL structure of your site to show duplicate content, I recommend: Specifies the canonical version of each URL, cleverly uses the robots.txt file so that the filters are not indexed listings, etc.
¿GOOGLE penalizes duplicate content?

Not knowing how to manage duplicate content either your own site generates but would not be all that should optimized if you manage it properly.
If not you … who copy will not penalize you.

Check more pages with duplicate content SEO SIMILAR CHECKER PAGE

As I said above, CHECKER PAGE SIMILAR tool allows you to check a couple of URLs every time, but I have prepared a tool that allows you to check 50 pairs of URLs to check for duplicate content seo blow.
Just read permission, but you can create a copy of the document and, in this case-is yours (and administrator permissions).

What Does A JR SEO Consultant DO


Hello, you certainly sound this offer, because it closely resembles the offer that we published last few dates, but I have good news, good customers and we want to hire people, but in !

Not looking for a heated chairs, looking for someone who wants to work and get the job done.

We do not want a bad official, we want someone who wants to work in the future of this SEO and become in 2 years or less a serious competitor of Mr. Munoz Consultants.
WHAT TO DO AS JUNIOR SEO at local seo company houston, tx

It can be summarized

Write text.
Go to client offices.

Joint but based developer profile. Editors are not looking, we look for a person who can stick with code and server if you can.
A proactive person, not because you will look boss every day on his neck. The idea is that it directs the projects and prepare John Howard and run the person presenting this.
Exclusivity. Sorry, we do not seek freelance. And you have to do to sign an exclusive contract. And our legal  is strict with this (that’s why we hired her, because she likes to make things clear).
Sex. For what you can and leave. That part we do not care.
Sexual condition. Ditto the above, we do not care anything at all!

GOOGLE SPREADSHEET functions to improve SEO analysis technique


GOOGLE SPREADSHEET functions to improve SEO analysis technique SEO keywords –

This will be a technical -principally- post, which I’ll include two functions in javascript, ready to install them (in the end I put a simple video of how to install). These features will prove very helpful for the analysis of expressions in a studio keyword:
A practical example of the combined use of these two functions is when we want to know what keywords bring more traffic, we analyzed the expression of these and GOOGLE ANALYTICS: seo consultant, seo consulting, seo consultant, etc. As can be seen are the same sentence, but the string literals, and are not difficult to analyze.

DeleteStopWords Function: This function returns the expression that passes as a parameter, but eliminating the so-called stopwords (words that are empty because they add important information to the sentence: articles, pronouns, prepositions)
LevenshteinDistance Function: This function returns a numeric value resulting calculate the distance between two expressions that you pass as a parameter (entendindase “distance” as the number of changes of letters and / or positions of the same, you need to do to convert an expression in the other.

How is a javascript function is installed in GOOGLE SPREADSHEET?

Here is a brief video explaining how these customized GOOGLE SPREADSHEET features are installed. And a small example of using the same.

Proper Keyword Research for SEO


As you know, I have said on many occasions, for me the importance of studying keywords in an SEO campaign. So important, that I accept not begin a project, if this action is not included.

We have seen how a keyword research is done in 3 phases, as the foundation of our SEO strategy according to

The clustered phrases: with this technique, we reduce the initial list of keywords with which we will work (while working no expression)
Quality analysis of the terms: this action, we decide how important an expression for the business whose site will position in search engines and will assess how close a user is to become customer depending how does the search
The feasibility analysis of positioning: With this technique, we will prioritize the SEO actions that will work on an SEO campaign based on our strategic planning

And all that is fine, and, until I have quedado- three rather cool videos, but … what we do with that ?.
Establishing priorities and objectives: the basis of all seo strategy

After completing these three phases of keyword research must have clear priorities.
If you’ve done a good job in phase two, shall be well segmented words that are:

Vital Keywords: users searching for these terms are potential customers themselves or other
Relevant keywords: users searching for these terms may be potential customers
Irrelevant Keywords: users searching for these terms are not potential customers

Also, do not miss the focus, position yourself, fundamentally, business pages, which then will not be the slightest doubt-that you should always look at the potential conversion of the users according to the keywords you use as well:
Show me the money!
Jerry Maguire

Transactional Keywords: users searching for these terms are close to turning (usually include terms such as buy, price rate …)
Informational Keywords: users seeking these expressions are close to conversion, but are still pricing (often include words such as where, how, companies …)
Navigational Keywords: users seeking these expressions are not close to conversion, are usually very generic expressions and -normalmente- are ideal for working on navigation menus websites

The keywords should start working are vital-transactional, followed by vital-vital-informational and navigational; then you continue with relevant, etc.
Making SEO from keyword research
The content structure: taxonomy and folksonomy

Speaking of SEO is to talk taxonomy to structure the content, classifying information so that brings together every one of the expressions of the study.

These are only words that fit well in a post, but you better put a real example of a site that sells-for example boilers and heaters.
A site of this nature has to structure the information in general, on the type of product form categories and subcategories (of products sold of course):

It is a good exercise, try to find a pattern in how users search, eg gas boilers and electric boilers meet the standard “boiler” + [fuel].
And if you did a study of keywords such business- also observe that users looking for brands, ecological, and many more (this is an organization folksonómica information):
Taxonomy and folksonomy of a study on boilers keyword

A champion page or landing page for each expression

As a general rule, I advise you to work a single champion or landing page for each page expression (although obviously there will be keywords that “you Cuadre” contemplate champion in the same page).
Most commonly, you head to the transactional sales catalog expressions, and informational blog (a corporate blog will always be an interesting resource in a seo strategy because it allows you to work in an orderly manner by type of expression, and that helps them work expressions that “fit” in the catalog).

Champions pages or landing pages of a keyword research on boilers
Organization of the actions from the SEO keyword research

-Once I have the study of keywords in a list of expressions and well organized segmentado- use dynamic tables with filters to follow a plan of action, what filters ?:
Expressions that have not assigned a champion page or landing page

It may be that there is already a page and assign an expression to work
I have a page, so I need to generate it (if it’s for the blog, I have to ask publishers

Expressions assigned champion but unoptimized page

Touch review:

Relevance and weight of the expressions on each landing page (ie, not obsessed, we optimize for people and not for bots … do not buy)

Expressions assigned champion optimized page that is not positioned

Monitored periodically and check the positions reached, and upgrade it so you can make time to work here:

Generating more content optimized
By linkbuilding

I usually use GOOGLE DOCS documents to which I assign access permissions to the client, so that we can both keep track of all information. I centralize everything and he can see the tabs where I filter the information I need to be working: editors to generate content, linkbuilders, etc …

Checking SEO Rankings

In an SEO project, the first thing I do is a keyword research (my ‘roadmap’ for the strategy of search engine optimization), and when first presented to the client, I include positions that-before optimization- start is already positioned the site; is, to put it in some way an “initial picture” against which I can confirm the evolution of the project.

From here, we establish a periodic review of the rank SEO (search engine positions reached) for monitoring the project and is in my opinion the proper display of these positions which allows us to better understand how and why they have occurred breaks position (whether positive or negative).
Therefore, it is interesting to have stored a record of the changes we make to optimize and to check those jumps, those shadows of positions, etc.
No tool that I know allows me to visualize globally changing all keywords monitored at a time.
Tools to know what our position is on GOOGLE and other web search engines

There are many tools that facilitate the monitoring of the SEO rank, and you can automate to track the evolution of the positions reached a website GOOGLE or any other search engine. Some of the best known are:

another search engine. Some of the best known are:

Advanced Web Ranking
Rank Tracker SEOMOZ
Free Monitor for GOOGLE to CleverStat
WebCEO (which is what I use)

But let me check any changes in the positions of all the keywords that monitored at the same time globally since a SEO project begins.
It is true that all offer several ways to find the positions of our website in GOOGLE and other search engines, and even compare the evolution, but … lose the big picture and what I mean:
Current position compared to the previous position

It is the most common resource visualization, where we have a list with 3 main columns: the first with the different monitored expressions, and reached -normalmente- position accompanied by a green arrow to increases or decreases in red for positions evolution.

seo rank:-current-position positions-above

The advantage of this application is that it provides display positions of all monitored words and shows the change, but only against an earlier time and lose sight of the monitored remaining dates.
Evolution of the entire campaign

This resource shows the evolution reached -a mode judicial notice in all the dates that monitoring positions was made.

Saber position your website in GOOGLE

The advantage of this resource visualization is providing an overall summary of all positions reached during the campaign, but only one word (or a few).
Show the evolution of all words for an entire SEO campaign

These resources display above have their advantages, but its disadvantages are that cast me away.
For me, the main shortcoming is the loss of the big picture because they offer a glimpse only a ‘snapshot’ that reflects a glance correctly and how it has evolved our campaign.

… And has the advantages of the above two resources: shows the evolution of the positions of all keywords in all the dates on which it was monitored.

A hitmap like the above is just a table where the columns are the list of keywords and dates on which SEO rank monitoring was made; then apply conditional on the data with a 2 color palette degraded formats: green for the best positions and red for the worst.
How do you make a hitmap? Videotutorial
Steps to generate a modified hitmap to show SEO rank
1) The summary of positions

Finally, collect the positions of value (minimum position) and have the hitmap with which you can analyze your SEO rank, the progress of your SEO campaign and check the positions reached in GOOGLE (or any other search engine in which you do monitoring positions).

Evolution of the positions reached by all the words in all the seo campaign

To take up less visual space, I like to organize dates vertical format, but that is … and to your liking.

Errors 404 and SEO algorithm Levenshtein distance

It costs a lot to do linkbuilding, and sometimes, for some reason-for example an innocent mistake when copying the effectiveness URL- work linkbaiting linkbuilding and lost … and is very unpleasant to do linkbuilding as not any good; well, it is possible to fix these links which otherwise – using advanced SEO technique and applying the Levenshtein algorithm on 404 pages.
Advanced seo services dallas, tx

Some SEO can be more or less known, but just because there is WordPress;-) and because there are great professionals sharing their knowledge of advanced SEO selflessly to whoever wants to listen; are: Felipe Duque, Lino Urunuela, Fernando Munoz, Javier Ortiz, and many more …

Introduction to advanced SEO technique acting on 404 errors
To use this technique you must have programming knowledge, or use a professional to implement

When we make a URL request to a server and the page is not, the server returns a status code, in this case the error 404 not found; in many cases, these errors are due to some 404 special symbol characters not correctly translated to encode URL or simply that the link is incorrectly copied. Well, you can fix this situation using an advanced SEO technique.
Sequence of actions to implement

We will act on the custom 404 error page, and will capture the URL using the server variables
Compare that URL to the pages on our site by using the algorithm of Levenshtein distance (there is a native PHP function)
We will do a 301 redirect from the URL generated by the 404 to the URL of the page that has the shortest distance as the algorithm

Switching from http to https okay for SEO?


If you want to spend all opinion paragraph, skip directly to this section.

The bomb fell in the SEO world. Again, in August, on holiday. Customers phoning asking why they do not and you have to go to https websites already to Why? Why Google has announced that the https becomes a ranking signal. Google “has been testing (sic)” to check whether to give greater prominence to sites that are using encrypted secure connection is correct or not. “The results have been positive, so we’ll start to use HTTPS as a ranking signal. according to Click Depot San Antonio SEO Company

From the article I want to highlight the following paragraph: “But over time, we decided to May Strengthen it, Because we’d like to Encourage all website owners to switch from HTTP to HTTPS to keep everyone safe on the web.” Which brings me to another time quite friendly: Why is it necessary to increase the strength of one of the parameters of the algorithm charted for webmasters to use it? It is assumed that the strength of a parameter implies an increase in the quality and pass a web http to https I do not think that involves an increase in the quality of the website or content. And also why Google thinks it should sweeten its proposal with this sort of thing? My 2 cts.

Follow. The idea is based on the following: If the owner of a pulp web is spent on encrypting your page is far more unlikely to be used for web spamming results. Google again shows his inability that is or is not good at internet, what is “legal” and what is “legal”

The issue is the following paragraph the Google ad: “For now it is only a very slight signal (affects less than 1% of global queries and is lighter than other signs, such as high quality content), while let pass webmasters use HTTPS. Over time, we may decide to reinforce it, because we want to encourage all website owners change from HTTP to HTTPS for all users are protected on the Web. ”


There are 100 things that will have more impact on SEO to change your website to SSL <quoteRyanJones>

I’ll take a paragraph from a post “SEO, https and misinformation” to end of review.

Google thinks that he is the Internet. Just as ineffective because of his algorithm penalizes those who do not link to it as you like breaking Internet rules. He also wants to make us all have secure encrypted web pages, I do not know whether to protect the user or is there more behind (conspiracy mode on). And what is the best way to govern the Internet at your leisure? SEOs tell if the change will make an award in the SERP.

Implications for change from http to https
And what must be taken into account (pros and cons)


More than possible fall in the rankings to a botched migration.
The WPO web performance will be affected. The SSL certificate requires the encryption / decryption of the content before and after being transmitted, which will increase the burden of web.
Certificate must be renewed periodically.
Maintaining versions of OpenSSL TLS libraries and
If we are a fans of the metrics, our social counters are reset to 0

What to consider when I switch to https?

It varies greatly change from http to https with what we already know to migrate a web completely (Google how-to, Google how to https to http)
301 Redirect from http to https, URL URL (ie, create a rule in the htaccess http redirect you properly each and every web URL).
Pay special attention to images, scripts and css
Eye to the above redirects (as we have www. Or without www.) We pass the redirect to https directly to save and promote jump quickly access the final resort.

If, in addition, you have the new functionality within GWMT of coding languages, take a look and check it is properly labeled.
If you have a sitemap.xml you must change the old with the new with all https URLs.
Check your analytics program to ensure it is set correctly. Many times, customizing patterns, and similar segments are misconfigured to change the URL of the web.
Request you change links. And this is hard, hard work noses.

What can you do?

It is important to know that todayan not change the URL in Google Webmaster Tool. Tool “change of address” in Google Webmaster Tool does not allow you to.

If you do hotlinking of a website that does not support https you skip a notice half the load, so that the burden of these images, scripts, widgets and the like will be affected, as well as give a bad user experience and can reach substantially increase the rate of rebound.
Changing http to https in a medium

Overlooking do not understand why half an informational content, you need your website with SSL (protocol “invented” to protect critical communications, personal data, …) comment that the media that are in Google News can change their references to https without any problems. John Mueller commented in this thread of Google Plus (if you do not use them then who will?): “I have spoken with people News and tell me that https is not a problem for Google News, which does not even need to tell Google that were migrated. ”
Good practice for establishing https correctly

Google recommends using 2048-bit certificates.
Choose one of the recognized companies in the sector.
Use a web server that supports HSTS (HTTP Strict) and is activated.

A small checklist for Sysadmin

Having the 2048 bit SSL certificate
Fully configure the certification chain. An incomplete certificate chain slows authentication.
Check TLS server configuration. Another interesting resource is the  SSL Labs offers to check if the settings are correct (and another very interesting this resource guide is in PDF SSL / TLS Deployment Best Practices)
Monitoring performance: very careful to resumption rate
Configure the server to cache, , database connections

How profitable the Customer Journey through your SEO Content Strategy

With all the problems that are causing the new changes in Google, the strategy defined for the web should be different and we know that the user behaves differently according to which he is currently shopping. Navigational and informational search differs according to the time that you are. But what does the Customer Journey with SEO? It is the user, the person we need to know when and how the user approaches the finder. We must always get to answer the following questions: Why do we want to generate content? What content users expect to find ?: Brand awareness, leads, gain territory, generate demand … Generating content for spamming search results is meaningless.

99% of users visited 1% of the content according to Local seo services miami, fl

How do we start?

Identifying the content we already have: that pages work, which has low quality content, formats that have, … is the aspect that we have to work a little more, be more sensitive to categorize content.
Grouping content
Control: identifies the page
Content: URL, type, content type, number of characters
Popularity: authority, external links, social
Analytical economic value of the site, organic traffic,% rebound
Evaluating: Inconsistencies, consumption of content, opportunities for growth, economic value

Okay, we have the data, but we must not forget the user. The internal search engines are great allies, if we monitor can be the best way to know what interests the user. How users behave in our social media content? Analyze content driving conversions and revenues of: Pages higher value causes more influence. If the analysis is complemented by what the user is looking into, for example, Google Webmaster Tool, we have a quasi-complete metrics.

What is abstract?

We can map the questions that can lead users in the buying cycle.
Analyze the contents and attribute them to the stages.
Make a list of content types that need to be created to cover every scenario.


Phase Awareness: Brand Recognition. About us.
Phase Knowledge: The consumer shows interest in acquiring our products, “product use experiences”
Phase Liking (or sympathy): The consumer likes the product and scrutinizes: FAQs, product features, guides, …
Phase Preference: Tilt the brand, the customer knows he needs the product, but what brand ?: Make comparisons, read reviews, …
Phase Conviction: Conviction, the brand must create desire on the customer, encourage testing the product, make a test …
Phase Purchase: The purchase (?’s Target The End), where the advertiser wants the customer to make the purchase, are pages that help buy: variety of payment options, discounts, …
Stay Phase: The phase advanced in the purchase, and that while the purchase is the main objective, customer loyalty must be taken into account also. Customer loyalty

Tips to see how to generate content for each of the stages
Tools that help the process of selecting keywords

Google, bing, suggest, ubersuggest, pinterest, SEOBook, WordStream … All the tools to use and get suggestions on the concept at hand. We can also identify the ecosystem mentions of the brand as well as platforms to distribute our content.
Time optimization provides meaning your content

Microdatas or schema to tag our content and Google teaches structured pattern of your website data. The generators rely on structured data allows us, without programming capability, creating texts optimized metadata

We should keep in mind that all provide content to the search engine that may have problems similar content compels us to a disambiguation of the basic entities, creating an entity that has a correlation with, for example, wikipedia.

The content, without measuring what use? The content must know how to monetize and hits at certain stages. In a multi, multi impact world, work content should be “power contained” in any format.